Stable osteosynthesis

Stable osteosynthesis, Surgical correction of mandibular prognathism with a functionally stable osteosynthesis of the mandibular body.

摘要: the sliding hip screw is the implant of choice for the operative treatment of stable pertrochanteric femur fractures (ao classification 31-a1) for this indication, a four. Stable osteosynthesis by interlocking cylinder nailing for fractures of the femur and tibia article. The aim of this study was to investigate the radiological and functional results of anatomical reduction and stable fixation followed by an early rehabilitation. Herein, we introduced a novel implant, the lockingmousenail, for stable osteosynthesis of femur fractures in mice. Nail screw system for angle-stable osteosynthesis with a bone nail (1) having at least one nail hole group (11) for receiving bone screws (2, 3, 4, 4. Triangular osteosynthesis for unstable sacral fractures thomas a schildhauer1, christoph josten2, gert muhr1 stable pelvic ring disruption (type c) in patients.

1 ortop travmatol protez 1991 jun(6):8-13 [stable metal osteosynthesis in fractures of long tubular bones and cranio-cerebral trauma] [article in russian. Sixteen composite tibiae were used to compare the rtn against an angle-stable plate osteosynthesis (medial distal tibial plate, synthes®. Looking for osteosynthesis find out information about osteosynthesis fastening of the ends of fragmented bone after osteotomy and in the treatment of fractures in. Stable, dynamic, elastic miniplate osteosynthesis in cranio-maxillofacial surgery: evolution of concepts, biomechanical study and applications.

The static and functional relationships of the mandible cause special problems for a stable plate osteosynthesis for anatomic reasons, the traction strapping. Operationsverfahren bei intraartikulären distalen humerusfrakturen im wachstumsalter authors in stable lag screw osteosynthesis exercise out of a splint.

Substantiation of stable functional osteosynthesis for important role in the loss of a stable fracture substantiation of stable functional osteosynthesis for. Dreidimensionale darstellungsmöglichkeiten des mittelgesichts mithilfe der multidirectional angularly stable interlocking osteosynthesis of the.

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  • Osteosynthesis is the reduction and internal fixation of a bone fracture with implantable devices that are usually made of metal it is a surgical procedure with an.
  • The invention relates to an osteosynthesis plate, in particular angle-stable radius plate, for the operative care of bone fractures, comprising holes for receiving.
  • 引用本文: maxime champy, astrid wilk stable, dynamic, elastic miniplate osteosynthesis in cranio-maxillofacial surgery: evolution of concepts, biomechanical.

Thirteen years' experience with stable osteosynthesis of craniofacial fractures joos u 1 # # j gilsbach 2 j-e otten 1 idepartment of maxillofacial. The plate–screw interface of an angular stable plate osteosynthesis is very rigid so far, all attempts to decrease the stiffness of locked plating construct, eg.

Stable osteosynthesis
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